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Welcome to The Spirited Artisan! I collaborate with brands that are focused on clean ingredients, sustainable sourcing and full transparency. My passion is in cleaning up the food system – one ingredient at a time. There continues to be a strong wave in this direction as consumer awareness and demand increases!

Natural channel launching and guiding a brand into the mainstream consciousness is my thing!

The following is some information that you will find helpful in determining whether to utilize my energy, resources and connections to grow your brand.


  • Have incubated their brand, product and business model, and know the ins/outs of bottom-line costs, production issues, packaging, have obtained permits, insurance, trademarks, and have strong indication of consumer feedback along with some traction in the marketplace
  • Are committed to growing the brand and have the runway to do so
  • Are just about maxed out with direct delivery to retailers and are ready for next level distribution – or – perhaps have recently jumped into a new distributor relationship and require support
  • Know their brand’s mission and core values
  • Will have developed a sense of identity, and know their target consumer
  • Want level growth and brand support.


As your brand grows and you become busier you will need some solid support executing your initiatives. You may not be ready to hire new employees, and many brand incubation workshops and programs will recommend the hiring of brand consultants.

We become collaborators on behalf of your brand according to your business model, immediate needs of your brand and brand goals. We begin with a meeting and I will deliver an assessment  and  a “go-plan” to you and your team for a fee that is absorbed into the monthly retainer should we decide to sign a contract. The go-plan will provide you with much needed clarity and focus.

My services on behalf of your brand may include any of the following depending upon your current needs:

  • Brand Story Development or Focus – as needed
  • Marketing Strategies – brainstorming sessions and subsequent execution; connecting with brand “Influencers” and promotional partnerships
  • Brand Education Plan – as needed
  • Business Development
  • Sales Direction and Opening up new Regional Areas
  • Setting up Key brand partners to support merchandising, protect shelf space and pull-through
  • Strong Tactical and Strategic support in growing your brand while remaining On-Point!


The natural channel stores are defined by regional areas primarily anchored by Whole Foods Market. There are key anchor retailers in each regional area. My service is focused primarily in the Western United States regional areas defined as:

  • Southern California
  • Northern California
  • Rocky Mountain (CO, NM, ID, KS)
  • Pacific Northwest (OR and WA)
  • Southwest Region (TX, AR, LA).

These regional areas are expanding as the natural foods industry expands into the conventional channel retailers.

Landing an “anchor retailer” is key in each regional area and will define distribution needs as well as give your brand traction


Proposal Fees and Retainer vary according to tasks and regional areas of interest. Certain regional areas are more in-depth with higher ROI potential, and with more than one key anchor retailer.

I work on a monthly retainer paid upon receipt of invoice, with a 60 day minimum and month to month thereafter with 30 day notice of termination. Focus of work will be based upon plan devised for your brand. Extra tasks and projects can be worked in as mutually agreed upon, for an added fee with time-frame.

Clear communication and mutual trust is the cornerstone of our collaboration on behalf of your brand.

You will receive agreed upon deliverables during the length of our collaboration.

My primary focus is growing your brand from direct store delivery – to saturation within new regional areas.

Setting up key partnerships to obtain traction for the growth of your brand is paramount as shelf-space is increasingly tight.


Several factors will determine the runway your particular product will have, and much of that is based upon category needs within the very competitive marketplace. Knowing what you offer that is unique to your category and staying on message is paramount to your success.

**Very important to remain nimble and be able to course correct, as every new development for your brand will bring new challenges.

**Very important to listen to and consider all feedback that comes back to you from your retailer buyers, distribution and field teams that you hire!

If you would like to discuss the particulars of your brand with me – please reach out to me at Stacey (at) StaceyCavin (dot)com. I would be happy to connect with you and would love to know what you’re launching into the marketplace!

Stay Awesome!

Stacey Cavin