The Spirited Artisan

Inspired Collaborative Brand Partnerships

The Spirited Artisan

The Spirited Artisan has been created in order to rally for, support, advocate, celebrate and collaborate with brands that I dig as they integrate into the marketplace. My first love is supporting clean, sustainable sourcing and natural channel launching! I create partnerships with brands who want a boost to their next level-growth and  wish to utilize my energy, resources and connections. I work with food and product brands – what goes in the body or on the body. We become partners and collaborators in the brand’s mission for a set period of time and for a set fee.

The Spirited Artisan is also focused upon featuring authentic brand-stories. I assist in refining and focusing messaging as needed. I will also be day-tripping through local culture, dropping brands I love into this space.

I was at a conference last year and one of the presentations really struck me in that truth-place that we all know and love … Consumers require authenticity and they can smell a pretender a mile away.” A new brand essential to a growing category must have a true story and be who and what they say they are inside and out – from transparency of ingredients and supply chain to company culture and everything in-between.

There is also a vitality to going deep into a niche, or traveling on the trending edge of things as consumers become more savvy! Here again it is important to know who you are and where your brand fits within its category.

I am here to support and I am passionate about creative process as well as execution of dreams, goals and objectives!

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Stacey Cavin


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